Wednesday, 16 January 2019

Level 1889

25 Moves
8 Flowers
100 Strawberries
25 Water drops
2 Sheep
Collecting strawberries and moving sheep on this level is easy. Picking 8 flowers is easy.
What isn't easy is the hay seed dropping down into the best place for sheep leading and the water for dropping next to the seeds. You can use your shovel to make a seed grow if its in a better place and you have played the level so many times you just want to move on.
Open the flowers quickly, the more moves you have left for the rest the better.For saying you only need 25 water drops it can often be hard getting it. On my very long video (apologies) I had to use the filler companion. I think I could have done it without, but I needed to be moving on. I did only use the one shovel though even if I did get one star. One stars still a win! You can do better I am sure :)

Level 1898

20 Moves
20 Oysters
105 Apples
105 Carrots
70 Water drops
Break the ice as quickly as you can so that you can get to the oysters and water buckets as the ice is blocking your way.
Use the crops on the logs as they rotate so that they can make better matches for you and cascade the crops by taking clever moves so you get more than one row at a time and you will soon get the points you need.

Monday, 14 January 2019

Level 1897

24 Moves
5 Flowers
1 Sheep
50 Water Drops
120 Apples

We have 3 flower seeds on the board trapped by a flower, 3 hay seeds trapped by an iced crop, 3 water buckets trapped by iced crops and 2 sheep trapped by a flower we ONLY Need 1 sheep! These are at each corner with grass squares and there are logs in the middle of the board. Get the buckets free first and then you can make water.
The flowers don't seem to be too hard to collect, the sheep and hay are a little trickier.

Level 1896 **Rancid Level**

20 Moves
250 Apples, Carrots, Onions and Water Drops

**Rancid Level**

There are 12 flowers (WE DON'T NEED) on the board, trapping water buckets and 4 grass seeds, grow some of the flowers to get to the water buckets. There is a row of slime at the top of the board and 4 grass squares on logs in the middle! Work from the middle and get to the grass seeds, use shovels if needed and get the seeds turned to grass. Is a frustrating but fun rancid level, as long as you watch the board and use your shovels, to help you along.

Sunday, 13 January 2019

Level 1894

23 Moves
3 Black Sheep
10 Flowers
320 Apples
320 Onions

This level will rely heavily on falling crops and that is what you are going to need to complete it.
Once you get rid of the hay seed in the corner, another will fall down. You can use a shovel to make it grow to get it out the way and get hay going in better places.
Make clever matches where you are going to make multiple rows cascade and the flowers will more or less open themselves, then lead the sheep to the hay.

Level 1893

24 Moves
25 Water Drops
80 Strawberries
9 Flowers
15 Fire Igniters

5 flowers on logs, that are trapping igniters and 3 seeds that are trapped by iced water drops, at the bottom and top of the board, the bottom left water drops are on logs!6 water buckets in the top right that you need to activate with the igniters. Get the 5 flowers grown and away asap, they do seem to take care of themselves, and get the igniters jumping, use the igniter companion if you have it. Keep a shovel or two to help finish flowers or get any star crops!

Level 1892

25 Moves
2 Black Sheep
170 Strawberries
170 Onions
9 Poppies

**Hard Level**

Horrible level! The sheep are trapped top right by 3 poppies, that are on logs, with one of them having hay on it, and 5 hay squares on the left have poppies on them also on logs. Get the bulls moving from the start to collect the poppies, the first few are fairly easy to get, its as we move on it gets harder. Watch how you move the bulls as this can either make or break the level! Getting the sheep moved is a challenge in its self never mind everything else!

Good Luck

Saturday, 12 January 2019

Level 1891

26 Moves
4 Fireflies
70 Carrots
10 Oysters
12 Flowers

6 oysters on the board, at the bottom on logs, trapping 2 fireflies, which are above 2  flowers. The other fireflies are on either side trapped by 5 flowers on logs! Get the flowers at the top grown asap so that you can light the fireflies, and use shovels to help them along, once they are nearly all lit. The oysters and most of the flowers seem to take care of themselves, so concentrate on the carrots once you get the rest away!

Level 1890

22 Moves
30 Igniters
6 Flowers
3 Chicks
100 Onions

All the flowers are on the board get them growing and the igniters firing from the start, work from the bottom to get cascades. Hopefully the igniters will hit one of the 3 chickens, then you can start making eggs, if you are halfway through the moves use a shovel or quit and start again!! Once you get the chicken out keep making matches as lots of eggs required. Don't forget the crops as you can get carried away with everything else.

Thursday, 10 January 2019

Level 1889

18 Moves
2 Spiders
250 Strawberries
50 Fire Igniters
250 Suns

Spiders have 4 nests to jump too, 2 of which are on logs. Start getting the igniters, that are webbed,    firing as we need lots of them along with crops. There are logs around the top half of the board and 2 sets on either side at the bottom. The webs are annoying when the spider moves so keep your shovels and if you have it use the igniter. Watch your crop count as the moves go fast and you could be a few short, shovels are useful as well for any stragglers!!

Another frustrating level

Level 1888

20 Moves
8 Flowers
180 Onions
180 Strawberries
5 Poppies

Scary board when you first see it, as there are 3 sets of logs, flowers everywhere and the 2 bulls are trapped. Get the flowers grown so that you open up the board and can start moving the bulls in the right direction!

Take your time and watch the board is frustrating so, you need to have your wits about you on this level!!

Does get boring after a while but it will work out and you can move on!
Chicken slayer found it fun though ;)

Wednesday, 9 January 2019

Level 1887

30 Moves
1 White Sheep
1 Black Sheep
80 Strawberries
12 Water Drops

**Hard Level**

There are 2 of each sheep, we ONLY NEED 1 of each, there is a water bucket in the middle on logs and there are 3 hay at the bottom right on 4 square logs. There are logs on either side of the board and hay seeds if you need them to get the black sheep. The white sheep is fairly easy to get the problem is getting the black sheep, try and make a hay square on the left logs and use shovels to help. Don't forget to make the water jump and watch out for the iced crops! 

Level 1886

19 Moves
2 Poppies
140 Apples
140 Strawberries
11 Flowers

Get the flowers grown and away that are in front of the bull asap, the bull is on a 2 square log! Once you get the bull free move him right and then up and left to the first poppy. The 2nd poppy is on a 4 square log, top right so move him up and right when the poppy is in line. Don't forget about the crops as you can get carried away moving the bull!! Use shovels to help grow the flowers or set up moves.

Tuesday, 8 January 2019

Level 1885

22 Moves
2 Spiders
8 Flowers
20 Water Drops
100 Strawberries

Spiders have 6 nests to jump to, which are on logs on either side in front of water buckets, We have 6 flowers, again on logs that are trapping 2 flower seeds. Get the spiders jumping too the nests from the start and get the flowers grown as well. Don't forget that the spiders weave webs over the crops around them, so try and watch the board for every move to make the best of it!!

Level 1895

22 Moves
6 Flowers
2 Sheep
3 Poppies
130 Apples

Get the flowers grown and away from the start, then get the bulls moved to catch the poppies, there are 4 bulls but you don't need to move them all. The sheep are trapped bottom left by 2 flowers so get the poppies first and then free the sheep and get them to the hay. The crops take care of them selves with out having to worry about them! Watch out for the bulls as they can go where you don't want them to!