Tuesday, 20 November 2018

Level 1877

25 Moves
18 Fire Igniters
3 Chicks
100 Suns
100 Water Drops

There are 6 igniters on the board to start and the chickens are on set squares trapped by iced crops and blockers at the bottom of the board, which are on logs.  Get the igniters set off from the start and use shovels on the chickens, if you don't get them with an igniter! Once the chickens are free keep making matches to get the eggs for the chicks, try and keep a shovel in case you need it near the end. As usual watch your crop count!!

Good Luck

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Level 1875

23 Moves
2 Spiders
120 Apples
120 Carrots
3 Chicks

The spiders have 2 nests to jump too, but are trapped by webs an are on top of the chickens. Get them free and onto the nests asap. You need lots of crops so watch the board and get the chickens onto the main board quickly, and don't forget about the chicks. We do have logs in the middle which do help!

Take your time and it will all work out before you realise that you have passed!

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Level 1876

24 Moves
3 Black Seep
8 Flowers
125 Apples
125 Carrots

**Hard Level**

All 8 flowers are on the board, on top of the hay in 2 sets of 4 square logs. The 3 sheep are at the top left on logs. Work on getting the flowers grown and away first of all and then you can start moving the sheep down, don't forget that they eat the hay!

Lots of moves but they do go quickly, so keep an eye on your crop counts.

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Sunday, 18 November 2018

Level 1867

21 Moves
11 Flowers
180 Carrots
180 Onions
180 Water Drops

There are 4 flowers,1 seed and 4 iced water drops in the middle of the board, along with 4 water buckets on logs. There are also logs round the outside of the board so that does help you out a bit! Get the 4 middle flowers grown and iced crops free asap and then get the water flowing. Does look a busy board when you start, but the more you play it the easier it gets to know how its moving!

Saturday, 17 November 2018

Level 1874

30 Moves
140 Suns
20 Flowers
2 Black Seep
55 Water Drops

All 20 flowers are on the board, but are trapping the 2 sheep and 2 water buckets. There are logs around the board and 8 hay squares, with  iced water drops on them. Work on getting the flowers grown and then you can move the sheep and get the water flowing. You don't need to free all the water drops but it will probably happen, watch where you move the sheep to, as they can wander off before they get to the hay!! The sun crops will collect on there own, so just keep an eye on them as you get close to using all your moves.

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Wednesday, 14 November 2018

Level 1873

24 Moves
10 Fire Igniters
90 Onions
90 Carrots
10 Flowers

8 flowers and 2 seeds on the board on logs, along with 4 igniters and blockers in between! Iced crops of onions, carrots and water drops, are on the main board, get these freed asap to open up the board and start collecting crops. Don't forget about the flowers as you need to grow 2  from seeds. It may take some time to conquer this as can be a slow board, especially if you use a companion! If you can get a +5 go for it to clear the board and add points to your crops

Again another frustrating level for episode 122, and we are only on the 3rd one!

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Level 1872

20 Moves
8 Poppies
25 Oysters
170 Suns
170 Water Drops

** Hard Level**

2 bulls on the board and there are 4  poppies top left and 4 bottom right, which are on logs, and they are trapping 8 of the oysters. Keep moving the bulls to get the poppies and collect crops at the same time. Once you get a poppy from the top left you can start collecting oysters, they don't always fall where you want them to go which makes this level so frustrating! Keep going and you will get there with out realising!!

Good Luck

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Level 1871

22 Moves
2 Spiders
90 Water Drops
6 Flowers
125 Suns

The spiders have 4 nests to jump too, which are attached to the board sticking out. There are 2 seeds on the board, 2 water buckets and 2 columns of logs, which are on either side! Get the spiders jumping asap and the water flowing to get through the level. If you can concentrate on 1 spider and get him moved to all 4 nests and then you can just free the other one. Don't forget you have to grow the 4 flowers, as soon as you use 1 another will fall. You do need lots of suns and water drops so keep an eye on your count.

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Tuesday, 13 November 2018

Level 1870

24 Moves
5 flowers
11 Fire Igniters
80 Onions
80 Suns

3 columns of logs (1 on the right, one in the middle and 1 on the left) the middle set of logs has 3 water buckets and 3 iced flower seeds! You need to make all 5 flowers, but need to use 1 seed before more fall, is actually quite a fun level as long as you're not stuck here for ages!! Crops seem to take care of themselves, but do keep an eye on the amount collected.

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Level 1869

25 Moves
20 Oysters
45 Water Drops
5 Fire Igniters
30 Suns

**Hard Level**

6 igniters on the board, ONLY NEED 5, more will fall but they can help collecting all the other requirements. Grumpy crops at the top and iced suns around 2 water buckets, and 8 oysters on logs. There are 2 grass seeds as well, try using them early either by using a shovel or wait till you get water drops on the board. Is frustrating level due to the grumpy crops and tight board at the start.

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Level 1868

15 Moves
12 Flowers
150 Carrots
150 Onions
125 Water Drops

8 flowers and 3 seeds at the bottom of the board trapped by iced water drops which are on 2 sets of 4 square logs. you do get more seeds falling but you need to use the seeds that are on the board. 2 sets of 4 square logs are at the top with 2 water buckets on either side. Get the water jumping from the start, collecting crops as you go.

The filler companion is your best friend on this level! as you need loads of water drops and not many moves. Take your time and watch the board, making matches next to the water buckets.

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Sunday, 11 November 2018

Level 1866 **Rancid Level**

15 Moves
165 Apples, Carrots, Suns and Water Drops

**Rancid Level**

Not a lot of moves on this rancid level, along with grumpy crops, water buckets,  grass seeds, 4 grass squares in the middle, iced crops  and logs. Get the iced crops free asap and then get the water jumping if you can use the filler as can help but, you do need to get 9 suns to activate the companion.  If you get a good board it will all work out great, but doesn't always happen! Watch where you use the grass seed to get the best result.

Good Luck

Tuesday, 6 November 2018

Level 1865

25 Moves
2 Fireflies
4 Poppies
100 Strawberries

The fireflies are trapping the poppies at opposite sides of the board and there are 2 bulls trapped by ice. Get the fireflies lit and away asap to get to the poppies use shovels and it will work out. Is frustrating level and companions don't really help, so save your beans! There are logs in the middle of the board, but avoid letting the bulls on them as makes it horrendous to get them off and to where you need them. Watch your crop count as you can be a few short and run out of moves, even though we have 25 moves

Monday, 5 November 2018

Level 1864

28 Moves
1 Spider
20 Flowers
4 Sheep
85 Carrots

**Hard Level**

There are 5 sheep on the board we ONLY NEED 4! The spider has 1 nest to jump too, but its on the hay trapped by flowers and sheep, All the flowers are on logs so get a few of them grown and away asap, so that it makes it easier to get the sheep over and get the spider moved too. 3 of the sheep are trapped at the bottom of the board by flowers on logs, and the spider. Plenty of moves, but this can make it harder. Use the grower companion to help with the flowers.

Sunday, 4 November 2018

Level 1863

27 Moves
1 Sheep
6 Flowers
30 Water Drops
150 Strawberries

Nightmare level you have a poppy you dont need but have to remove to get the sheep out onto the board, and 2 fire flies blocking the water bucket. The bull is trapped by iced water drops, bottom right and they are on the 3 hay squares, and iced crops on the left.

Get the bull and crops free and the fire flies lite and away so that you can concentrate on the sheep and flowers, crops should take care of themselves but try not to get carried away!

Good Luck