Sunday, 26 May 2019

Level 1968

18 Moves
100 Apples
100 Suns
10 Flowers
10 Firecrackers
You cannot get to the seeds because of the flowers in the way, so remove them quickly.
The good news is that there are already 6 flowers on the board so we only need to make 4 more.
Make as many matches as you can next to the firecrackers both to gather all the number needed and to help you along the way.

Level 1967

24 Moves
1 Spider
8 Flowers
115 Carrots
115 Strawberries
Try not to open all the flowers before moving the spiders down, if you can prevent that and he jumps into a spot behind the flower he cannot web it up.
Get your extra points on the grassy area, this one is a tricky one because often the flowers remove with the crops then you spend more time breaking webs.

Level 1966

20 Moves
4 Black Sheep
100 Strawberries
100 Carrots
12 Oysters
This one isn't such a tricky level, use plenty of cascading crops and the crops moving on the logs to your advantage. You are not going to be able to get the sheep until you have moved the oysters out of the way but that is ok because you will be crop gathering as you are doing that.

Friday, 17 May 2019

Level 1971 ***Rancid***

Evil level. I have been on this for weeks because I passed it within a few tries the first time then as I have been deleting so many videos lately due to failed levels, I automatically deleted it. It took me another 3 weeks to get a perfect level, hopefully yours is better!
We have 300 cropsies to get rid of, iced crops and slime too. Make as many matches as you can next to as many firecrackers as you can that is the only way you will pass this level. Free the ice, get the crops cascading onto the grass but watch out for that slime as it is everywhere!

Wednesday, 8 May 2019

Level 1965

6 Flowers
80 Carrots
80 Strawberries
8 Alligators
The superfruit boosters are hidden behind flowers, once you have removed the flowers then try to wait until there are extra points on your crops before you use the boosters. Once you have used both, you will get more falling down.
The crops are on logs again which can be useful as you know, and also be a pain if you cannot get them in the move you want. Cascade crops for points needed.

Level 1964

20 Moves
100 Apples
1 Spiders
4 Chicks
100 Suns
Watch out for the eggs on the logs in the corner. Once you get the chickens moving you will find at some point they land where they should and you can match the eggs and break the webs. The higher ones are easier than the lower ones as they are clearly cracked.
Try not to break too many of the webs before the spider has been moved into another nest as it will end up with you breaking them twice otherwise.

Level 1963

17 Moves
14 Flowers
50 Mushrooms
80 Carrots
80 Onions
You cannot free the mushrooms (unless you run out of moves) unless you have removed the flowers, so open them as quickly as you can. Unfortunately the only un-iced mushrooms are the ones at the top so you will have to make them fall down over and over which tends to waste moves so remember shovels, touch as many flowers as you can when you make a match next to them, use the crops on the logs to your advantage and plan moves in advance.

Level 1962

21 Moves
8 Poppies
55 Apples
55 Carrots
55 Onions
There are 12 poppies on this board but we only need to collect 8, you can get these once you have moved the ice and the bulls up (or even one of them) by moving the bulls backwards and forwards.
For me the crops seemed to lay themselves out very similarly each time, but you will need to rely heavily on falling crops to get the numbers as most moves will be taken by the poppies.

Level 1961

17 Moves
20 Firecrackers
100 Suns
100 Onions
4 Chicks

You shouldn't get any more eggs falling down until the iced eggs have been freed. (I am saying shouldn't in case the game decides to behave differently with you)
The firecrackers however will move down as you make matches and this is what you will use to break the ice.
Take advantage of any crops on logs to make matches and as always, set them up so more fall.

Wednesday, 27 March 2019

Level 1960

21 Moves
3 Chicks
13 Flowers
200 Onions
130 Apples

Level 1959

19 Moves
150 Apples
2 Black Sheep
50 Water Drops
2 Sheep

Level 1958

22 Moves
110 Apples
2 Spiders
10 Flowers

This level has been changed following feedback to the studio.
You need to make 3 Flowers yourself so that is all you need the water for.
Make crops cascade down to open flowers and remove the spider and try not to move both spiders at the same time. Its not impossible if you do but it just makes it harder.

Level 1957

20 Moves
12 Firecrackers
60 Water Drops
4 Flowers
60 Apples
You need to rely on the firecrackers to unweb the seeds as you need to make all four flowers you need. Luckily the spider isn't an issue as he has been around and then left before we got here.
Keep making matches next to as many buckets as you can so that you flood the board with water and hopefully clear a lot of crops!

Level 1956 ***Rancid***

21 Moves to gather 250 Carrots, Apples, Onions and Water drops.
Flowers are blocking the buckets we need to make the water, on top of that, all the crops are grumpy. We need to use the seeds to make some patches of grass, the nearer each other the better.

Level 1955

20 Moves
150 Apples
4 Chicks
24 Firecrackers
150 Carrots
Having to gather firecrackers in this level helps because it will break the ice and move the chickens when they land on them.
Once the chickens are moved you will soon get the eggs.